St. Ben's Community Meal is served six nights a week, Sunday to Friday, from 5:15 to 6:30. In 2013, 99,415 meals were served for an average of 329 meals per evening.

Local Bus Tickets: 12,000 guests served totaling $21,000 

Intercity Tickets: 215 guests served totaling $8,514 

Prescription Co-pays:  2,056 guests served totaling $24,958 

Hygiene: 2,325 guests received hygiene items                         

Showers: 2,023 served

Additional statistics:

75 sponsor groups prepare, transport and serve the meals. Most groups serve on a monthly basis, and some have contributed food and service since the Community Meal's beginning in 1970.

Hundreds of donors support the meal by providing food and monetary donations.

10-15 daily volunteers assist by serving beverages, working in the kitchen, cleaning tables & chairs, and performing a variety of tasks.

Hospitality ministers and security staff ensure a hospitable and safe environment inside and outside the Meal Hall.

Hundreds of guests gather each evening to share a meal and companionship with each other.