We support an integrated spirituality that recognizes the relationship between faith, justice and service. We share a nutritious meal in a setting of hospitality and safety. We collaborate with other individuals and groups to enhance our ministry.



See the Capuchins’ Run Walk for the Hungry proposal on WTMJ4.

Congratulations Blake and Tara on your engagement!


Photos and Race Results

Thank you to our sponsors and all who participated in the Capuchins' Run Walk for the Hungry to German Fest last Friday night! We had an excellent turnout of just under 3,000 participants, which means we will receive up to 2,958 pounds of Usinger's product to feed Milwaukee's hungry. Photos and race results have been posted to the website. Team photos will be posted soon.

   Video: Meet Brother Rob From St. Ben's Community Meal

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Saint Francis of Assisi

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We currently have 23 men at various levels of formation, as well as those who are living in resident candidacy. These men differ in age, culture, and have unique vocation stories.