We support an integrated spirituality that recognizes the relationship between faith, justice and service. We share a nutritious meal in a setting of hospitality and safety. We collaborate with other individuals and groups to enhance our ministry.



Capuchins’ Warm Winter Drive

Many of the guests at both of our Capuchin ministries are not sufficiently dressed to ward off the extreme temperatures of Wisconsin's winters. And many of our children stand on the bus stop without hats and mittens. Can you help us with our Capuchins' Warm Winter Drive?


St. Francis of Assisi Gospel Music Workshop

(Saturday, March 14) Nationally known clinician M. Roger Holland, II encourages anyone who appreciates Gospel music to attend his workshop at St. Francis of Assisi Parish. He is an energetic clinician who passionately shares his gift of music in the Gospel tradition while integrating contemporary musical influences. Registration and payment deadline is March 6.

   Video: Meet a Resident of the Capuchin Apartments

Words of
Saint Francis of Assisi

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We currently have 23 men at various levels of formation, as well as those who are living in resident candidacy. These men differ in age, culture, and have unique vocation stories.